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The knock meter that is small, light-weight, low-cost, and easy to use.


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The Watchdog is a very sensitive and highly accurate knock sensor device.   It is easy to hook up and use.

Here's what it can do for you:

For a snap shot of the Watchdog results:
Todd Camerons's Honda RS125-engined shifter kart during a run, as received on his Drack Data Acquisition unit Knock Data
Note that the lower spikes (should be black, depending on your monitor) are detonation; red is rpm.
Todd likes to run at the ragged edge. That is why he wins.

Mount controller box to chassis, etc., using the fasteners provided or you may use your own method of mounting.   Mount the knock sensor to the engine, as near the combustion chamber as possible with the provided fastener or mount directly to the cylinder head by replacing the head acorn nut with the special adapter (provided).   (See Watchdog II for photo showing mounting options.)   Mount the power pack with AA batteries (provided) to any clean, flat surface with the high-bond strength foam tape that is affixed to the back of the battery pack.   Mount the LED to the steering wheel or other visible location.   Route the LED, knock sensor, Data Acq out (if utilized), and power cabling as needed for a safe and clean appearance.   Adjust the sensitivity with a screwdriver to minimize extraneous noise and then make your run.   Any detonation will be picked up by the Watchdog and reported to the LED and Data Acq output.   You may evaluate the tune, based on the frequency of any detonation exhibited by the LED illuminating and/or spikes on data acquisition channel.

Performance Tuner Watchdog

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