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The performance Tuner is a very sensitive and highly accurate portable measurement device.   It is a simple, one button operation.

Here's what it can do for you:

  1. Provides data that can be used to decide if a change to your engine's tune is needed;
  2. Accurate within 3%;
  3. Light weight and portable; can fit in your toolbox (recommended to keep wrapped in light-colored towel or similar in order to minimize solar heating effects from the sun, etc.)

Use either the ADR (% of STD air density), Density Altitude, or Air Density value, or any combination of readings.   You will need to build a data base to help determine when there has been enough of a change in the air conditions to warrant either an increase/decrease in jet size or even a timing change.

For further information, the following are some of the many sources on the Internet:

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Performance Tuner

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