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About Us

K & K Technical Enterprises is a small company and we want to stay that way in order to provide the kind of service and support that we would like ourselves to be given. We have been providing solutions to automotive-type problems for 28 years; engineering solutions for 19 years.

Our Overall Design Philosophy: Accurate, Simple, Easy-to-use; High-Quality, Low-Cost

Performance Tuner I Air Density Meter:

Some features have been left out on purpose:

Jet size calculator
It doesn't tell me what jet size to use. Solution: Develop a chart showing what jet/tune at a given air-density/density-altitude/whatever that you know you can depend on and trust. This will provide the edge one needs to be at the front.
Auto Off
The concern is that if the on/off button were jammed in the toolbox, the battery could drain. Solution: Don't jam the Performance Tuner I into the tool box. It is a precision instrument; treat it as such.
What if I forget to turn it off and the battery drains. Solution: Learn to turn it off when done. The auto off was purposely left off for a reason: Too many instruments time out just when one wants to take a reading. Learn to check the meter when storing and turn it off. Keep a spare battery.
Remote sensors
It seems to take a long time for the temperature to change. Solution: Keep it out of the sun; remote sensors would help, but not solve the problem; see design philosophy.
Metric Units
What about a meter that measures in metric units. Solution: If there is enough demand, we will consider a SI model. For those interested, please send us an e-mail.
I would like the Performance Tuner I in a smaller package. Solution: We're working on it.


Design Goals: Accuracy.
Concern: Why is it so expensive? Solution: Precision pressure sensor and related components, along with careful calibration.

Watchdog Knock Meter

Design Goals: Small, light-weight, and adaptable for most engines.
Concern: Why must I have to "tune" it for my specific engine? Solution: See the above goals.

Watchdog II

Design Goals: Small footprint, light-weight, and accurate.
Concern: Why no Data Acquisition output? Answer: The critical criterion of small footprint overruled; no space available. If data output required, order the Watchdog Knock Meter and request the Plug & Play option.

Fast-Response EGT Probe

Design Goal: Fast response
Concern: Why doesn't the probe last throughout an entire season, installed? Solution: In order to obtain the response necessary to get valid data, an unsheathed, fine wire must be used.   In the environment of hot exhaust gasses, the unsheathed, fine wire will not have a long life expectancy.   When finished with testing/tuning, remove the probe and install a sheathed EGT probe or plug.   We consider it a small price to pay in order to maximize power and stay at the front of the pack.


Many thanks to the following people for helping to make the Performance Tuner Series happen:

David Benson of Square 1 books for helping to learn PIC processors and assembly language. PIC'n
Peter H. Anderson of Morgan State University for having such a great website and offering tutorials for learning electronics, C programming, and assuming nothing. Peter H. Anderson
Greg Brandes for showing that electronics can be cool and fun.
Imad Abdul-Karim for helping with the layout of flyers ("get out of the way, dude, and just let me do it") that resulted in the layout of this website.
Todd Cameron for suggesting an air density meter that was both accurate and affordable, something that any racer could afford in order to be competitive. Cameron Motorsports
Kory Gill for providing a website that gave the background for the technology of air density. ( Kory's website is no longer available.)

Performance Tuner

Any questions, e-mail:

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