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The EGT Probe that has a quick response and is designed to correlate the exhaust gas temperatures of a quick-revving race motor to its rpms, while being monitored by a data acquisition system.


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Most sheathed-type thermocouples can have a response time in the seconds. Our Fast-Response EGT Probe has a response time of about 0.05 seconds (50 milliseconds), which is more in line with the needs of matching the rate of change of rpm in race conditions.

The 0.005 inch diameter unsheathed, exposed junction thermocouple wire is used for obtaining the fast response times. The K-type also results in accurate measurements in the range of temperatures that typical race exhaust gasses emit.

Comes complete with weldable mount and compression-type fitting for easy removal and K-type mini thermocouple male connector.

The Fast-Response EGT is a very sensitive and highly accurate thermocouple device.   It is easy to hook up and use.

Here's what it can do for you:


Position the mount and weld to the exhaust header pipe. The position should be at 1/2 exhaust port diameter away from the exhaust flange. After welding, drill 1/8 inch diameter hole through the mount into the exhaust pipe, taking care not to drill through the opposite side of the pipe. (Set drill depth with collet, tape, or similar.)   Install the nut and compression sleeve and insert into mount. Set depth of EGT probe such that the tip of the probe is approximately 1/4 exhaust port diameter deep into exhaust stream, then tighten nut to set compression fitting. Use caution so as to not over-tighten.

It is recommended that the Fast-Response EGT Probe be only used when testing and not left in for extended periods. The reactive nature of the exhaust gas stream will effect a short life for the 0.005 inch diameter probe wire.

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