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Digital Temperature-Compensated Tire Pressure Gauge

The one-button tire pressure gauge that is quick, extremely accurate, and easy to use; for those demanding the most accurate in tire pressure measurement.

A simple test: Place your current tire pressure gauge in the refrigerator for 30 minutes, then check the air pressure in a tire.   Then place the same gauge in the sun for awhile and let it warm to ambient and then re-check the air pressure in that same tire.   You may be in for a surprise!

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Simultaneously displays tire pressure in both PSI and KPA:
  • Dimensions: Case: 3"x4.75"(75mmx120mm); with 14" (35.5cm) hose

Guaranteed Accurate to within 0.03 psi from 32 to 130F (0.2 kPa. 0 to 55C)

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